Sunday, February 13, 2011

Secret Internet Pictures: My Friends Having Drinks with Brooke Shields

I am a very loyal friend and will always respect the wishes of those who have trusted me with their biggest secrets. I've never once spilled the beans about my friend Chloe's crabs. Or the fact that my friend Punami once killed a man for his sari. And I have never, ever breathed a word about my dear, dear friend Opal's bogus palm-reading business. She's siphoned thousand and thousands of dollars out of desperate unsuspecting people without a peep from me!

Anyway, another friend of mine that I'll call Sid and her husband Nancy recently had drinks with their friend who knows Brooke Shields, and they all had a grand time. Sid sent me a picture of them, along with a message saying "Don't put this on the Internet." Obviously she didn't want to risk ruining their blossoming friendship with the woman who gave the world The Blue Lagoon and "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." I understand this and want to respect her wishes. But I also want to put this picture on the Internet! So I reached the above compromise, and I think it's a good one.

I'm hoping for an autographed copy of 1980 Christopher Atkins, is my point.

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I'm HP Wood said...

When I was about eight years old, Brooke Shields came to my grandmother's house and made me a hamburger. She also did the dishes afterwards. True story.