Friday, October 29, 2010

This Trannie Should Be New York's Next Governor, Obviously

Kristin Davis is not messing around in her direct mail pieces, not at all. You may recall I received this one on Monday and I fell in love with it for its glamour and pizzaz. Well, the one I got yesterday is even more gay, if you can believe it. And I don't just mean esthetically. I mean Lady Davis calls out Andrew Cuomo for being limp on gay marriage. And she uses the word "homo" in her tagline:
Vote Homo
Not Cuomo
And she prints the word "homo" in rainbow colors, yay!

Sure, the logic behind her tagline is a little bizarre, just like yesterday. Is she saying she's a homo? She sure looks like a trannie. Maybe she's saying she's an honorary homo, because she looks like such a trannie? (Or because she supports the gays, whichever.)

In any case, if Kristin Davis doesn't become New York's next ex-governor, she should AT THE VERY LEAST be given her own variety show at LipsNYC and her own talk show on Bravo.

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