Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is Jesus Living in My Mom's Thomas Kinkade Painting?

Jimmy and I were down in NC last week for our friend's wedding and we visited for a while with my ma and pa in Raleigh, during which time we finally got the opportunity to see this Thomas Kinkade painting she'd been talking about that features an image of Christ Almighty in the window of a cute little cottage in France or something.

"So where's this alleged Jesus?" I asked her all uppity-like as I walked into the room and saw Jimmy shaking his head and saying to her "no, sorry, I don't."

"Jimmy doesn't see it!" mom exclaimed, flabbergasted. "Now, I've shown this to everyone who walks in here and he is the only person who hasn't seen it. That just doesn't make any sense!"

Well, there's Jimmy in a nutshell. And I have no doubt that mom has indeed shown this Jesus to everyone who has walked through her living room, from UPS delivery men to neighbors to the cat to girl scouts selling cookies to her trainer to the contractor coming in to give her an estimate on the countertops she wants to my dad wandering around the house with his dog in his arm.

"Well, show it to me, I wanna see it!" So mom gets out her ruler and points it out to my skeptical eyeballs. Here's the video. (I eventually get the camera angle right.)

In conclusion, my mom is awesome and she has finally succeeded in leading me to Jesus. He's smaller than I imagined he would be.


Wood Family said...

It actually looks pretty demonic to me... like a Poe story where there's this pretty little hamlet where life is perfect because they keep all their evil chained up in somebody's basement.... But then again, He did die for our sins, so maybe this is exactly as it should be. (By "He" I mean Poe, obv.)

Neal said...

I'm pretty sure that's Kenny Rogers.