Monday, October 18, 2010

My Camera Phone Will Not Be Denied: "Meet the Breeds" Dog and Cat Show, Manhattan

This past Saturday was the day that all of Middle Earth's hobbits and fraggles descended upon the Javits Center in Manhattan for the Meet the Breeds dog and cat show, and I was there because I'm both a hobbit and a fraggle. (I'm also a muppet, but only while playing the drums.)

There were many breeds! And lots of exhausted puppies 'n pussies. As usual my camera was ready, willing, and able to capture the magic.

Oh my God, Toto! You are hella old and that scarecrow behind you will be a neverending presence in my worst nightmares.

Sleepy dawg.

I lose my journalistic impartiality in this video.

This cutie is tired of these tedious people.

This is gonna be an awesome Christmas card.

This French bulldog is pissed, but not at me, I swear to God. I was just there to capture the tantrum.

Soft, soft doggies.

I tried to get this weird cat from Mars to look at me but she was not interested in my stupid blog post.

This was the most popular dog among my fellow fraggles.

It's not sure about my friend Ruth.

Kawaii city.

This English bulldog is all like, "do what you want, whatever, wake me when it's over."

I didn't know Chrissie from Three's Company was gonna be here!

Poor dog dropped its sombrero.

Every dog wants a pink clown collar to wear around its neck.

This dog is standing as far away as possible from everything.

Who's sleepy? Yeah, who's a sleepy li'l thing? I see someone who's sleepy! That's right, I see someone who's sleepy! WAKE UP!

This picture doesn't have a dog in it, I just needed a shot of that beard. That beard deserves a magazine cover.


Rachell Roth said...

hey, you posted two of the same video. I wanna see the frenchis have a tantrum, dammit!!!!! NOOOWWOWOWOWOW! hehe.
PS- next time you go to something like this, you better tell me.

Muzzle Mammoth said...

Seriously awesome documentation.

Next year, I'll be looking for the "people and their dogs" commentary.

Tim Anderson said...

@ Roth: whoops! i've replaced the duplicate vid with the right one. enjoy!