Thursday, October 28, 2010

Powerful Campaign Mailer of the Day

It's wrong to be swayed by a campaign mailer isn't it? Wrong, right? I must say, I've never even looked at any of the words on one of these mailers before, but something about this one sent by Kristin Davis—the former madam who provided Elliot Spitzer with high-priced ladyfriends and "went prison" for it (according to the flyer) and who is now running for Governor of New York—caught my eyes and dragged them across its giant, glamorous surface, all the way from the word Redemption at the top to the puzzling/alluring final couplet at the bottom:


I must say, as much as I like Kristin Davis and think that Kristin Davis would make at least as good a governor as Carl Palladino —if mainly because I firmly believe that any candidate for Governor of New York should have seen the inside of a women's prison, and much as he may have tried, Paladino just hasn't—that's a pretty confusing message to send to your newly elected governor. Kind of like a waiter coming to the table to announce the bodacious blonde dinner special of jumbo shrimp over angel hair pasta in a luscious cream sauce after you've already finished eating your plate of Italian sausages.

But she was probably just being funny. (Maybe she meant to put NEXT GOVERNOR in quotes?) The point remains, though: do we citizens of New York really want the same old 52-year-old Italian sausage in Albany, delicious as it is? Or do we maybe want to try a dinner special that looks delicious (pro-marijuana, pro-gay marriage, and pro-gambling) but might give us food poisoning?

Democracy is a series of incredible choices such as these.

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jimmy said...

Wait to you see her new flyer that asks you to send cuomo a message "vote Homo". don't know whether to take offense to that, granted she does kind of look like a tranny.