Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Camera Phone Will Not Be Denied: Lifeguards on Broadway!

Ok, I know I posted camera phone pictures yesterday, but some things are ordained by God, like Sarah Parlin's vice presidential candidacy or Sarah Palin's resignation from office. So I have no choice but to post these pictures, on the direct order of Jesus.

You know how sometimes you are riding your bike down Broadway and somehow forget that you need to turn left on Bleecker Street, and instead you keep riding toward the awful intersection with Houston? And then you just go right through that intersection until you hit 600 Broadway, where the new Abercrombie and Fitch Hollister flagship store is getting ready to open? With hot promotional lifeguards out front to drum up excitement?

That, friends, is the story of my commute home last night. My camera verily flew out of my pants pocket and kind of embarrassed me for the next five minutes. But like I said, I had no choice.

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Rachell Roth said...

what is up with that? Do they advertise on craigslist: NEEDED- buff guys to stand outside in a swimsuit all day-??? PS- that store smmmmellllsssss!