Thursday, April 4, 2013

Michelle Shocked Has Sent Out Her Goons to Undermine Me and My Dumb Blog Post

So, guys, when Michelle Shocked had her recent (and apparently unfinished?) meltdown, I was bummed because I had such fond memories of her dancing in a video full of hot studs back in the old days. Anyway, so in order to blog about this thing I needed to have that video, right? But after an exhaustive search of YouTube I'd turned up nothing. In fact, the only trace of the video was a low-quality version on Michelle's MySpace page. (her what? I KNOW.) So I did what any red-blooded blogger who needs access to a video that is being withheld from him would do: I downloaded it from this mysterious MySpace site and then uploaded it to YouTube myself, because freedom. It got quite a few views and comments! And they were shockingly fair-minded for YouTube comments, which are usually uniformly Thunderdome-esque in their eschewing of basic human decency. I then posted my blog story and figured that would be the last of it.

But then hired goons knocked on my Gmail door, ignored my protestations that I was in the nude and to hold on a second, and then just let themselves right in.

Sure enough, I clicked on the link and my precious video was gone gone gone. The kicker is that it was yanked BY MICHELLE SHOCKED HERSELF. Or maybe a rep of hers, but she seems to be doing her own repping these days, so I'm gonna just go with "Michelle Shocked is trying to censor my ability to use her creative content for my own ends BURN HER."

In conclusion, let's all just get one last quick peek at what we're missing by not being able to enjoy an HD version of this video, much less the shitty blurry mess I nicked from her MyFace.

P.S.: A plea to Michelle: we gays (at least we gay dudes) will all forgive you for your hot mess of a belief system only if you make this video available to us in crisp, clean HD for free on your website until the End of Days, when all the Internet's Lolcats and Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church will ascend into heaven to sit at the right hand of a pile of Chicken McNuggets and all the nation's gun nuts accidentally shoot themselves in the face.

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