Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Better Be Good, Sullivan [UPDATED TWICELY]

Folks, if you've followed the Sarah Palin saga at all over the past 100 years, you'll know that conservative/libertarian blogger and avowed homosexual of the "bear" variety Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic is obsessed with her and all of her provable lies. Many people find him off-puttingly monomaniacal about it, but I don't, because I myself am obsessed with her and the cult surrounding her, not to mention the fact that she tells a fib every time she exhales. So I really enjoy all of his posts about her and, honestly, wish he would bitch it up a little.

Yes, Andrew Sullivan is pissed, and not just at Sarah. In fact, mainly at John McCain, whose fault she is. And he's been dedicated to keeping a close tally of all of her falsehoods for easy reference ever since she was tapped for VP before crashing and burning last November. Things went quiet after all of the postmortem stuff and, except for when there was further idiocy to report on (her resignation last July, her cancelation of speaking engagements at the last minute, Levi!), Sully was able to return to his other hobby horses, like pushing for marriage equality, reaming the Bush administration over torture, and, of course, praising the Pet Shop Boys. But things started ramping up last week when the pub date of Palin's dumb book started approaching like a runaway station wagon with only three wheels.

There were Palin blog posts galore, yay! I couldn't get enough. Sully and I were soul mates, going down a road of complete and utter psychotic fixation, and we would not. Be. Denied.

Then, yesterday, his blog went silent after he posted a "mental health break" video of Lady Gaga doing some weird Lady Gaga shit at 4:37pm. I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed, hour after hour after hour, and nothing. Just a Lady Gaga video, still. I thought, quite reasonably, that Lady Gaga had killed his blog somehow. (She's got powers.) But then, today at 11:44am, Sully posted a message "To Our Readers" explaining the silence: he and his staff have been reading Going Rogue, poor things. Money quote:

We have had the book for less than a day. We feel we owe it to you to get it right - or as right as we can - until we post or publish anything. As readers know, we also differ on some key issues and intend to air them and thrash this out until we are confident that whatever we publish is as fair as possible.

At some point, we will also go back and make sure we have not missed all the evidence of the other lies that Palin is now peddling. We won't miss anything. But we ask for your patience.

There is a possibility here of such a huge scandal that we would be crazy not to take our time either to debunk it or move it forward for further examination.

We have only one commitment: to get this right. Please bear with us as we do the best we can.

In a follow-up post later today, he assured his readers that he would be back tomorrow, posting as normal.

Ok, Sully. You have been officially indulged. I'm with you on all of this, even though people across the Internet--all across the Internet, Andrew!--are calling you crazy, unhinged, and a pig f**ker. But I'm standing by you. We're in this together, even though I'm not doing anything.

But this better be good.


He's back, and still obsessed, yay! Tell it to the haters, daddy!


Papa lays it out.

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