Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Love My Dad

You guys, it's not often I get serious on this blog, but I'm fixin' to get ready to be serious. My dad, Don Anderson—born in California, raised in Jamestown, NY and Rome, GA, and then settled in Gulfport, MS and then Raleigh, NC to raise a family—has Alzheimer's disease, and he and my mom were recently featured on Raleigh, NC's local WRAL newscast in a segment about dealing with the disease. They both look so awesome! He's got his trusty dog "Lillybit" that he carries with him everywhere (and who just mistrusts the hell out of me for some reason; it's ok, I don't trust her either). The work they've done on the house really looks great and there's a picture of my Aunt Gerry behind mom looking like a giant meringue in that hat, the way God intended.

There's also a gratuitous family photo in which I'm so obviously the gay son it's not even funny.

Dad, you look great on TV. And even better on the Internet.


I'm HP Wood said...

Aww, sweetest parents ever! That dog looks like a little demon, though!

Anonymous said...

I love your dad now, too!

princess kanomanom said...

Aw, Timmy--touching.