Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Camera Phone Will Not Be Denied: Ladytron at Terminal 5

Y'all know I'm a fool for Ladytron, the gang of synthpop robots from the planet KORG who visit our fine solar system every few years to bless us with more of their carnal keyboard knowledge. Well they beamed themselves down to NYC last night for some musical interfacing with us humanoid slobs and it was sublime.

Ladytron have reached a point in their career—they've been around now for as long as the Cure were when they released Disintegration, and their new album Gravity the Seducer has a bunch of new gems on it—where they've got a solid grab-bag of songs to choose from, and could play awesome shows for days without repeating themselves. So seeing them live these days is a treat from first to last, because as you stand there, wasted from all the vodka/diet Cherry 7-ups you downed before leaving the house so you wouldn't have to spend money at the bar, you just know that whatever they play is going to be awesome because YOU LOVE THEM LIKE NO OTHER, so you can just take a deep breath and get ready to dance robotically and play air-synth again, yesssss!

They came out and looked great. Lead singer Helen appeared to be wearing a Mickey Mouse hat, but I'm thinking now it might have been a giant bow? Anyway, they started with "Soft Power" and "International Dateline" and oh my God is Mira the Bulgarian one on the left pregnant?!

She's usually so svelte, like Dr. Spock. But she's a little bit pear-shaped now, it seems. Which is fine, I'm not being weight-ist! But, hmm, yeah, I think I'm gonna go ahead and call it: Mira from Ladytron is pregnant with a baby alien robot, must credit SeeTimBlog!!

And here's my secret boyfriend Reuben Wu, the handsomest android in pop. I'd love to get a gander at his circuit board, if you know what I mean. You know, see his hard drive. Pop his control panel. (I want to see him naked, is what I'm saying.)

Yep. Totally pregnant.

Keyboard swap.

And they end with "Destroy Everything You Touch," one of their most beloved songs, and one that I've never really warmed to. So Ladytron, stop ending your concerts with this song, pls. And there was no "Playgirl" or "Sugar," which upsets me. But they did play "Discotraxx" and "High Rise," so I accept their apology.

After the show, the 'Tron boarded their spacepod for the after party, which was on Tatooine, the end.

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colourless said...

"Pop his control panel. (I want to see him naked, is what I'm saying.)"
MAN! You read my mind *O*
I have some photos of his feet, that's exciting for me :Q