Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Headline Can Do This Photo Justice

I guess I could have gone with "Sizzling Flamage"? "Loins Aflame"? "Crankin' the Shank"? "Smokin' Hot Young Men in Skirts Just Standing There"? Whatever, anyway, the point is that there is apparently something called the Youth Olympic Games that will take place in Singapore next month, and so the above erotic cosplay was held in Greece to celebrate this thing, with Greek actress Ino Menegaki playing the role of high priestess and some dudes just stone cold feeling that breeze (down there) as she lights the flame at Ancient Olympia, where the Olympics were born in 776 B.C., when dinosaurs ruled the planet.

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jimmy said...

What about "Hey Mitch, how you want your hamburger?" or" Grillmaster Sharon serves it up for her boys." ?