Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Fun Thing: Sharktopus on the SyFy Channel!

Ladies, this film looks terrible. And by terrible I mean exquisite. And the soundtrack appears to be just god-awful. And by god-awful I mean hilarious. And the acting looks grim. And by grim I mean god-awful. And the premise looks unfortunate, by which I mean hilarious/exquisite. And the special effects look hideous, which is another word for god-awful and remarkable. And the directing looks ... ok, I'm tired of this word game. I refudiate it.

The point is, this movie will change the world, just like "Do They Know It's Christmas?" It will also clearly have a major impact, at the policy level, on the Obama administration, just like The Day After did for Reagan. Children of the '10s will always remember where they were when they saw this trailer. (The answer is: torturing an 11-year-old shit-talker on the socialized media.)


Geetha said...

you know its bad when Eric Roberts is in it!

skpasell said...

have you ever noticed that women are so delicious to super monsters and villains?