Friday, January 22, 2010

One Good Reason for Google to Stay in China: Beijing's World Chocolate Wonderland Theme Park

Communist dictatorship has never looked so delicious! I just wanna take every one of them terracotta warriors, dip 'em in a big ole glass a whole milk, and then eat 'em.

Apparently this theme park, which opens on January 29, also has chocolate versions of the Great Wall, luxury bags, and sports cars, so you can get some exercise, be fashionable, and be a douchebag while enjoying your chocolate. Also on hand is a chocolate toilet you can hurl into to make room for the giant, five-story chocolate Mao Zedong heads.


Everything this woman is wearing is made of chocolate, except for the nipples.

When does NYC get one of these? I wanna eat a big chocolate Pauly D.

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