Friday, February 6, 2009

Fashion is Important

It's Fashion Week again in the most fashionable city in the world, which means--hurrah!--more pictures of important hats. This one is called the Flailing Cephalopod, and it is surely the most culturally significant head covering of this entire season--perhaps even of our generation. Look how happy it has made its wearer. She's beside herself with enthusiasm and appetite suppressants. Later, she will celebrate her singularly smashing Fashion Week moment with a visit to Sing Sing Karaoke in St. Marks Place, where she will fall asleep while her fat friends sing "Love Is a Battlefield."

Of course, no individual has done more for American fashion than former First Lady Laura Bush. Am I right? She stopped by the show on her way to her dealer's wedding to say hello to her old coke buddy Liza and her favorite Dancing With the Stars contestant, Lisa Rinna, who unfortunately fell face first into a mud puddle on her way onto the stage but is totally fine now.


PMJG said...

Now that's fashionable.

But how do you accessorize a flailing cephalopod hat? Is there some kind of trembling nautiloid handbag or mollusc-having-a-seizure bracelet you could wear?

What if you see someone with cetacean earrings? Do you have to fight?

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard? Shub Niggurath suicide cults are in this season. Love the hat! I think it's symbolic of our coming enslavement/massacre at the hands of The Old Gods. Also: Shub Niggurath suicide cults are in this season. Ia! Ia!

Kelly said...

I don't understand these comments at all.

PMJG said...

That's the internet for you.