Monday, December 5, 2011

Tune in Tokyo Launch Party at Wix Lounge

The Tune in Tokyo book launch at Wix Lounge was a blast last Wednesday, and I want to thank everyone who came out and the folks at Wix for helping us put on such a great party! I hope everyone got to meet my mother and that she got a chance to tell you that she didn't raise me to use such awful language.

This photo was taken just a few moments before the microphone died because I was holding it too close to my mouth.

Rice cakes, Pocky sticks, sake, Japanese beer, some sushis, and paper plates were all on offer.

Some of my homemade (by that I mean "from a pre-made dough") Tune in Tokyo cookies.

Me signing a book while the cookies look on.

The crowd enjoys itself immeasurably.

Folks stone cold listenin'.

A great shot of me and momma, she in her lovely Christmas sweater.

I was briefly interrupted by a poltergeist during my reading.

The merchandise.

When party photography gets artistic.

You can see more pics on Wix's Facebook page here.

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vanillalatte said...

So, so awesome. :) I found your book on amazon, read the description and immediately downloaded it to my kindle. I read it straight through! It's fantastic, and I'm buying it right now for all my cool friends for Christmas (both of them). I love your writing - it's like hanging out with a snarky BFF and I love that. And I happen to like yaoi too. ;) And hot m/m action. And funny, bitchy people. I wanna be friends and hang out with you and drink espresso and talk about everyone that walks by. xoxoxo