Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letter from Tokyo

In the past week, since the horrifying earthquake/tsunami/possible nuclear catastrophe, I've been checking in with friends in Tokyo (I didn't know anyone in northern Japan) to make sure they are ok and able to get food, since food shortages are one problem Tokyo residents have been faced with. My friend Shun, one of my best friends when I lived there and a master of understatement, sent me the following email. He lives in Nakano, a neighborhood in west Tokyo that is still pretty central. Stay safe, Shun.

hey timmy

Im fine thanks and you?
it has been terrifying about these quakes... last night we had a big one in Shizuoka and today another one in Chiba....
so I cant sleep well recently... because I feel small quakes.
and there are no bread, rice, water, tissues, toilet papers in supermarket and conveni... only snack left:-(
also trains dont run properly. because of black out. neclear power have been acting strange. so they dont provide enough erectricity.
so they do black out on purpose around Tokyo except central Tokyo... thank god I live in nakano-ku.

oh well... wish Japan luck!!


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Rachell Roth said...

i love that your friend calls you "timmy". that is adorable!