Friday, August 21, 2009

Laydeez I Love: This Elderly Gal Who Gently Smacks Down Chuck Grassley and His Idiot Lies

The lying liars on the Republican side have been singing the same awful song lately when discussing health care, saying that they oppose the "public option" because of a study by the Lewin Group that says it's baaaaaaaaad. They're all repeatedly referencing this shadowy Lewin Group over and over on the teevee while gesturing wildly, like a bunch of wrinkled old back-up singers. And who is the Lewin Group? Oh, just a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Health Care.

Anyway, this well-informed grammie calls out fibbing toad Chuck Grassley on his disingenuousness on this point and, in the process, has won my heart forever. She even breaks down how much the CEO of United Health makes per hour! Hire her, Obama.

This woman should win a Peabody and have her own MSNBC show.

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